Data Structures

Arrays and Linked Lists

Notes on linked lists and arrays: definitions, features, implementation in Java and JavaScript, singly and doubly linked lists, circular linked lists, common operations, etc.

Data Strucutures

Stacks and Queues

Notes on stacks and queues: definition, common operations, implementation, etc.

Data Strucutures


Notes on trees: definitions, binary trees, binary search trees, implementation, breadth-first search, depth-first search, pre-order, in-order and post-order traversal, common operations, etc.


Old Notes on Will Sentance's JavaScript Hard Parts Series

Old notes on Will Sentance's JavaScript Hard Parts Series, covering JavaScript asynchronicity, execution context, prototype, scope, and assorted functional programming concepts.

Data Structures


Notes on graphs: definition, cycles, adjacency matrices and lists, implementation, etc.

Data Structures


Notes on recursion: definition, base and recursive case, performance, tail recursion, etc.


Search Algorithms

Notes on search algorithms: linear search, binary search, ternary search, jump search, exponential search, etc.