Mobile app for playing around with data from InfoLeg, Argentina’s legislative information service.



Android app for retrieving laws from Argentina’s official legislative service and displaying their data in a user-friendly format, with article-by-article navigation, user authentication and support for favoriting articles and commenting.

Overview of infobootleg


  • Full text/metadata retrieval from InfoLeg/Firestore
  • Sign in via Google, Facebook, e-mail and incognito
  • Search using Google Custom Search API
  • Auth stream-based redirection flow
  • NoSQL CRUD ops for laws and favorites
  • HTML scraping and text parsing with RegEx
  • State management with Provider and callbacks


  1. Clone repo
  2. Get dependencies: flutter pub get
  3. Run: flutter run


flow

Sign in using a Google or Facebook account, e-mail/password or anonymously. In all cases, a user doc is created at Firestore to record the articles favorited by the user.

Based on Firestore’s auth stream, the app redirects a signed-in user to the home screen and a signed-out user to the sign-in page. Signed-in status is preserved.

At the main search screen, the user may search for a law by name or by number (vertical navigation), view their favorited articles (horizontal navigation) or sign out.

Law summary

Searching for a law leads to the law summary screen, with Firestore’s metadata for the queried law: official title, publication date, originating entity, summary text, etc.

Modification relations The laws and regulations that the query modifies and the laws and regulations that are modified by the query are accessed by tapping on the bottom icons.

Law text

At the law summary screen, pressing the big green button brings up the law text screen, with InfoLeg’s full text of the law parsed into articles, including a table of contents for ease of navigation.

Favoriting articles Long-pressing an article triggers a prompt for saving it as a user’s favorite. Long-pressing a favorited article prompts for removal of the favorite.

Favorites list

Back at the main search screen, the favorites button leads to the favorites list, which displays every article favorited by the user, including any comments added, also with a table of contents.

Commenting on favorites Tapping on the pen icon of a favorite leads to the comment screen, for commenting on the favorite. Save the comment using the keyboard; delete it using the cross icon. Since the favorites list is stream-based, any changes are reflected immediately.

RegEx exceptions

Given InfoLeg’s inconsistent formatting, it is expected that RegEx parsing may fail with a number of laws, in which case the native mobile browser is launched.


  • Add tests!
  • More exception handling.
  • More RegEx patterns.
  • Maybe favoriting entire laws.


© 2020 Iván Ovejero


Distributed under the MIT License. See