Quick project in TypeScript/React for viewing legislative records.



Frontend-only web app for viewing the voting records of 1648 Argentine legislators, along with information on their parties, party colleagues, constituencies, flags, and vote details.

Overview of legistats


  • Statically typed CRA app
  • Search box with autosuggestion
  • Instant table filtering
  • Doughnut chart for vote numbers
  • Paginated table for vote details
  • Data stored as JSON
  • Loading indicators


Since this is a frontend-only project, data is simply stored as JSON, with two exceptions:

  1. As photographs are no longer available at the original API, they are generated via Faker.js (Two photographs are still included for demo purposes.)
  2. As the link table for votes is too large for efficient JSON parsing, vote numbers are randomly generated, so vote details are randomly assigned. The votes data, however, is still provided as an .sql file in the data directory.
Overview of legistats


  1. Install Node and clone repo
  2. Get dependencies: npm install
  3. Run: npm run start


Simply look up a legislator in the search box, or click on a name in the table, to view all their available information.

Overview of legistats


© 2019 Iván Ovejero


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.md