New Notes on JSHP by Will Sentance

New notes on Will Sentance's JavaScript Hard Parts Series, covering JavaScript execution, object-oriented programming, and functional programming.


Pointers in C

Notes on pointers in C: declaring a pointer, initializing a pointer, getting an address, getting and changing a value, purpose of pointers, etc.


Big O Notation

Notes on Big O notation: definition, approximation, and runtimes—constant, logarithmic, linear, quasilinear, quadratic, exponential, factorial, etc.

Design Patters

Behavioral Design Patterns

Notes on behavioral design patterns: memento, state, iterator, strategy, template method, command, observer, mediator, chain of responsibility, and visitor.

Design Patters

Structural Design Patterns

Notes on structural design patterns: composite, adapter, decorator, facade, flyweight, bridge, and proxy.

Data Structures

Hash Tables

Notes on hash tables: hash functions, collisions, implementation, common operations, etc.